The purpose of Beginning Experience is to facilitate the grief resolution process for adults and children who have suffered a loss through death, divorce or separation, thereby enabling them to again love themselves, others and God.
We accomplish the purpose by offering quality, copyrighted, grief resolution programs presented by trained peer ministers. These programs are designed to move grieving people through a transformational process to a new beginning in their lives.

We believe that through resolving the grief of a significant loss, individuals participate in the death and resurrection of Christ as he lives in the world today; that those working through this experience can effectively walk with others for whom the experience is new and hard; and that the invitation to recover offers an opportunity for transforming one's life, and for freeing individuals to love self, others and God in new and deeper ways. 

Beginning Experience teams are located across the country and around the world! We have programs that focus on different industries, activities, and needs. . Come join us!

For inquiries, shoot us an email at questions@beginningexperienceofwesternnorthdakota.org